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Windows 7 Compatibility and New Pan/Tilt Page URL
Posted: 8-Feb-2010 1:08PM CST
Topics: [WebCam2000]

I have a received a couple of emails about it, so I thought I should mention that I am running WebCam2000 under Windows 7 without any problem.

On another note, Zoomkat's pan and tilt page has moved to a new location:

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Posted by Craig on 17-Aug-2010 2:17PM CDT
Hi Jeff

Great work on WC2K - I love it!

Quick Q...Does WC2k store the images that it shares locally? - Temp files or anything like that? I'd just prefere to know if it does...

Cheers and great work

Posted by mw you on 18-Mar-2011 6:20PM CDT
I can not get multiple webcams running. wc2k allways starts with the last configured cam. (W7U/WC2K 1.66)

This does not help:
Using Multiple Cameras

If you have multiple cameras, you must launch multiple instances of WebCam2000 and specify which configuration to use on the command line.

You can create a new configuration, by starting WebCam2000 with the command-line parameters:

/config configuration-name

Where configuration-name is any name you wish. Configure your camera however you wish, and then use the File menu to save your settings.

Example: If you have three different cameras, you could make three shortcuts to WebCam2000 with the following command-lines:
•webcam2000.exe /config camera1
•webcam2000.exe /config camera2
•webcam2000.exe /config camera3
Posted by compatibilty ( mode xp & modevituall ) on 10-May-2011 8:25AM CDT
hello 1
please help me to the compatibilty, i cannot proceed futher until & unless i must load the mode xp & mode vertuall.
thanks for reply
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